Small Business Connect

Small Business Connect (SBC) will ultimately represent local small business in new and innovative ways, and will be the driving force of the Napa Chamber mission to engage, connect and collaborate. This newly established program will introduce best-business practices, strategies and programming to build on our commitment to create the ultimate networking forum within our membership group.

SBC will become the primary source for member-to-member business connections, and the preferred member destination to access every tool imaginable to help local business grow and succeed! SBC will exemplify the new direction of resources and enhancement of benefits being provided to our small business members. That programming will include guest speakers, webinars and workshops on a range of topics Рall inspired by member input.  Members will gain practical information and tools to help with sales and marketing, business/tax law, bookkeeping and finance, HR training, healthcare education, web and technology, database management and more.

What are the goals and objectives of SBC?

SBC is designed as a platform/program to:

  • Provide new, timely and purposeful benefits and updates for small business members.
  • Act as an outlet to assist in the Napa Chamber to better service and communicate with members more effectively and efficiently.

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