Ribbon Cuttings

The Napa Chamber of Commerce conducts Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies as a complimentary service to Chamber members at the Entrepreneur level and above. Ceremonies can be performed by themselves or as a part of an open house or grand opening. We bring the camera, official scissors, our enthusiastic ambassadors and, of course, the ribbon!


To qualify you must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • A member of the Napa Chamber of Commerce at the Entrepreneur level or above
  • Within your first year of opening your business
  • Within one year of purchasing an existing business
  • An existing business in a new business location or remodel

Chamber Responsibilities:

  • Send out a broadcast email to Ambassadors, Chamber Board Members, and dignitaries to notify them of your opening
  • Promote the event beforehand on NapaChamber.com, on our Google calendar, e-newsletters (sent out once a month), and social media
  • Provide the “giant scissors” and ribbon
  • Attend the event and take pictures
  • Supply framed photo and piece of the ribbon for you to display
  • Share the event with a photo in the e-newsletter

Chamber Ambassadors and a Chamber staff member attend ribbon cutting ceremonies on behalf of the Chamber Members.  The Mayor, City Council, Chamber Board and President are also invited, and as their schedule allows may attend.

Member’s Responsibilities: 

  • Coordinate a date and time with the Director of Programs & Engagement well in advance to avoid conflicts. The best date and time to schedule a Ribbon Cutting is right after end of business day M-Th. We have found that weekends are difficult to attend for most people and therefore we do not encourage Ribbon Cuttings on weekends.
  • Invite neighboring businesses and community
  • Provide refreshments for those in attendance – this is entirely up to you. Get creative! We are happy to brainstorm with you
  • Prepare an agenda and anything you might like to say (see below)
  • Provide background information on your company ahead of time to those who are speaking so they can prepare remarks

HOW IT WORKS: Your agenda could be something like this...

  1. Welcome guests
  2. Introduction of Chamber Representatives in attendance, dignitaries, Chamber staff
  3. Introduction of the owner, president, manager, company rep
  4. Congratulatory remarks – Dignitaries or Chamber CEO – these are very brief (1-3 minutes)
  5. Cut the ribbon – usually done by dignitaries and head company rep, some choose to have all employees do the cutting
  6. Thank you for attending – by a company rep
  7. Intro on the company – done by a company rep – Explain what you do if a new business, about your new location – if a second location or a move, your hours; introduce your staff
  8. Then offer everyone to come take a look at your facility or tour if appropriate


  • The further ahead you contact us, the more publicity we can provide
  • Weekend grand openings (including Friday after 5:00) are harder for the Chamber to draw attendance to than weekday events - we strongly discourage them
  • Keep in touch with the Chamber as your plans progress
  • If you've asked for RSVP's, people will typically wait until the last minute, or will show up without RSVP-ing
  • Will parking be an issue? If so, please let us know where you would like guests to park so we can inform them in advance

    Past Ribbon Cuttings

Contact us about your upcoming Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: philippa@napachamber.com